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Dear Aspiring Speaker,
"According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two? Does that seem right? To the average person that means that if they have to go to a funeral, they'd be better off in the casket than giving the eulogy."

Jerry Seinfeld's humor here may be too dark for some but it sure hit hard on the point about the fear of public speaking. So why are people so afraid and insecure about public speaking? What's keeping you from reaching your true income potential? Is it the lack of contacts? The confidence in your expertise? Or is it the inability to reach your market?

If you’ve ever wanted to speak and earn an income with it without hassling with the fear of public speaking than this will be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Because I am about to show you how you can embark on a public speaking career that’ll allow you to boost both your income and your self-esteem. You’ll be able to open doors you otherwise might not even consider, like book contracts, paid travel, high-paying clients, and even national television exposure.

All of this sounds great but of course, if it were truly that easy, everyone would be doing it. I’m going to be brutally honest with you – becoming a public speaker takes some effort. You need to find an audience, learn to promote yourself, and - like everything else - you need to start at the bottom and work your way up.
Does that sound like too much work for very little pay off? You might be surprised. Let's look at some of the reasons why everyone should consider adding speaking engagements to their overall business plan.
Any type of business can benefit from booking a few speaking engagements. That's a pretty bold statement, I know, so let's look at some real-life examples:
Life and career coaches - Hold talks about parenting, organization, goal setting, and creating a better home life for your family.
Virtual assistants - Organize courses to educate business owners about finding, hiring, and working with a VA
Niche marketers - Speak at seminars or conferences to teach others how to earn money as affiliate
Web designers - Propose or pitch to business clients who want to learn how they can improve their online presence
Bloggers - Similar book authors can speak publicly about their area of expertise, e.g. photography or home cooking or even children's crafts
Crafters - Demonstrate their art and perhaps teach a new technique to interest groups or various groups who hold interest in art and craft
No matter what business you're in, there are bound to be groups of people who are interested in what you have to say. Let's say you're a solo-preneur offering ghostwriting services for others. Writer's conferences would love to invite you to speak about your experiences as a ghostwriter at their event or people who wants to go into this area would be more than ready to sign up for your course. What about if your family owns a restaurant? Restaurant owner associations would love to engage you to speak about your know-how in managing a restaurant and etc.
"I Could Never Speak In Front Of A Crowd!" "I'm Too Shy!" "I'll Be Boring." "People Will Laugh At Me.""I'm Too Nervous!" "I'll Forget What I Want To Say." "I Won't Be Able To Answer People's Questions." "I'll Freeze."
And many more...

Do all of the above thoughts plague and paralyse you from going into public speaking? Would it surprise you to know that some of the most sought after speakers today actually have a similar list described above and the only difference they might have is that their list is much longer?

The same people who today can confidently step onto a stage and wow a crowd of thousands all started out right where you are: terrified to give a short talk in front of their high school English class because they are "painfully shy".
I decided to combine all the research…all the hours I spent researching on how to overcome the fear of public speaking into a single solution that’ll help you launch a successful speaking career.

You’ll get all the tips techniques that’ll allow you to speak confidently and with excellence when you invest in:
Che Brown's Speak For Dollars Virtual Boot Camp: The Super Income Stream
and Lead Generation Tool for Business Owners, Coaches, Authors,
Speakers, Network Marketers.
Inside this private virtual bootcamp you will be exposed to the truth about mastering the art of public speaking and the steps you must take in order to get paid to travel, land national television exposure, gain hot leads and high-paying clients.
You’ll get immediate access online to Speak For Dollars Virtual Boot Camp which includes…
Speaking for Profits (value is $2,997)
Sales Funnel Secrets (value is $1,997)
In Speaking for Profits you will discover quickly how to dominate the stage, overthrow negative self-talk, differentiate yourself, get a standing ovation with your presentation and annihilate fear. Everything you need to know in order to succeed at public speaking and sell more programs and products without pleading, annoying or bending attendee’s arms!
Speaking Profits Avalanche will enable anyone to get started, get engaged with your audience and skyrocket your business profits without having to worry about being a beginner in the speaking business.

You’ll get the complete ecourse on earning massive profits with Public Speaking.

All of this was created from countless hours of preparation, research, experiences and recording.

You see, I am very proud of Speaking Profits Avalanche. Because after you use it you’ll be able to confidently launch your very own public speaking business. Not only that, you’ll also be able to earn a good amount of profits from it.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?
Dominate the stage by building your confidence with practice – knowing your topic inside and out is the first step to greater self confidence.
Overthrow those negative self-talk that threatens to freeze you in your tracks and jeopardize your dream of an ultra successful speaking career.
Differentiate yourself with a strong skill set that will set you apart from other speakers and get hold of the best weapon against nervousness!.
How to dazzle people with a successful presentation that make them want to come back for more

Defeat the fear that holds you back from achieving your fullest potential - the biggest myth that will kill your new career even before it begins!.
How to craft a great opening guaranteed to get your audience eyes glued to your presentation from start to finish...
Unlock the secrets of how to change your mindset so that you can let go of your self consciousness which might cripple you from achieving your full potential onstage.
The simple step you can take to realise the irrationality of the fear of being judged and what to do about it to avoid killing your speaking career even before you begin it.
How, just by clinching your first speaking gig, you'll find more and more opportunities begin to present themselves! First you need to know where to find them...
Learn how you can overcome the fear that holds you back from achieving success in a speaking career. You'll be in for a surprise when you see how easy it is!
And much much more...
And much much more... The most amazing thing about being in the public speaking business is that the more you speak, the more confidence you acquire and the better you will get! Once you are able to get fear out of your way, public speaking can open a lot of new doors of opportunity for you.
So don't let your fear stop you from pursuing this rewarding opportunity!
In Sales Funnel Secrets you will get over 17 videos that reveal the hidden tactics to building a profitable sales funnel. Increase your monthly income, prepare to sell high ticket items, quadruple your sales with the same traffic you are getting now and tap into the easiest method of making your emails work for you.
Sales Funnel Secrets
If you're frantically releasing new products or are simply paralyzed by the fear of 'what to do' that it's time you discovered...
You're about to learn the same techniques that the self-proclaim guru's are
pedalling to you for their $1997+ coaching programs!
Everyone knows the money's in the list. And if you're not building a list already, then that could very well be one of the biggest pieces of the profit pie you're missing in your business! But you don't just need a list...If You Really Want to Make Sales Hand Over Fist, then You Need 2 THINGS...

1. An active and responsive mailing list
2. A well thought out progressive sales funnel to traffic through. Turns out both of these things go hand-in-hand and you simply can't have one without the other.
Because it allows you to be able to afford ads
Because it allows you to be able to ad swap your list if you'd like
Because it allows you to maximize the amount of revenue you make per customer
If you don't have a sales funnel in place, then you're leaving the lion's share of your profits on the table. The backend is where you really profit. It's how you multiply your profits faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

In Sales Funnel Secrets, I'll show you how to setup your own sales funnel from start to finish so you'll never be leaving money on the table again!
Here's a more detailed look at my step-by-step course:
Sales Funnel Secrets Video #1: What Is A Sales Funnel And Why Do I Need One?
If you've come to this page wondering what on earth a sales funnel is (even though you may have heard of the term before) then you need to watch this introductory video.
After I've explained to you what a sales funnel is, I then tell you why it's important to have one. If you're already selling your own product, or a squeeze page where you're collecting leads, or even just a blog with traffic coming to it then you've already got part of a sales funnel in motion! Now it's time for you to develop it and turn it into a much more profitable business!
Sales Funnel Secrets Video #2: The 3 Things Your Funnel Must Have
Yes you read that right. There are only 3 things you need to get your sales funnel started. 1. A ____ _____. 2. An ____-_________ and finally 3. An __-____ _____.
I'll go into detail about each component and talk about why they are important and how you should be setting them up. When you have these 3 basic components in place you can then fine-tweak your system, and even scale it and bolt on extras to bring in more sales! Be sure to watch this video to get a solid idea of what you need to do!
Sales Funnel Secrets Video #3: How To Get Good Product Ideas For Your Offers In Your Funnel
Getting started and finding a good idea to get your sales funnel started is not the easiest job in the world. In fact it can be quite daunting doing research and going through pages and pages of numbers, keywords and statistics to get an idea of what sells.
Fortunately we're NOT going to do any of that. I like do things simple. Simple means less complications, less thinking and more action. Watch this important video to see how to find the hot spots so you can base your funnel around it and guarantee your success!
Sales Funnel Secrets Video #4: What Makes A Great Free Offer
Your sales funnel is useless unless you have a good offer in place. After all, that is the name of the game - to sell. If you don't provide value at any point in your system you'll break the chain of events and you won't see any noticeable results in your income.
In this video I'll exposed some examples of great free offers that you can use to give you some idea of what you need to do. I'll tell you what price you should sell at, how much value and content you need to provide, some of my past experiences and much more!
Be sure to watch this video to get the insider details!
Sales Funnel Secrets Video #5: How To Create An Effective Squeeze Page That Captures Targeted Prospects
That start of your sales funnel includes a squeeze page. This is the first point of contact your visitors will have with you so you need to do it right and make a good impression. In this video we reveal to you a squeeze page that works extremely well for our niche. You'll be surprised at how simple and effective it is and you'll be able to use it to model it for your business.
You'll be able to see what title we use, what call to action we use, where we place our image, what images to include, what font style we use, what we highlight plus so much more!
We've spent so much time experimenting and testing different variations of squeeze pages so you don't have to. Watch this video to see how to you need to design your squeeze page for best performance!
Sales Funnel Secrets Video #6: The Best Ways To Deliver Your Products When A Customer Subscribes
A newbie way of delivering products is to simply email the customer the direct download link to their free gift or paid product.
A smarter marketer will send their subscriber to a separate landing page and provide the links from there so that they can cross-promote other products (we'll cover that in a video further down).
You'll do better online if you come across as a professional and not a 'hobbyist' with a sloppy put together website. This video shows you how to setup a basic delivery system to leave a good impression on your subscriber or customer and also to set you up for the next stage!
Sales Funnel Secrets Video #7: How To Create PDF Reports And eBooks
When we say 'offer free content' we normally mean some form of written document, an MP3 audio recording, an MP4 video tutorial and so on. So when you're at the beginning of your sales funnel and need to build your list, you'll realize that you need some form of content for them.
The easiest way to do this is to provide a written report that you write yourself, hire someone else to do it, or buy private label rights to. Either way we're going to show you how to turn that .doc file into a .pdf and make it look professional so you can give it to your subscriber for free. Provide great value and they'll love you for it!
Sales Funnel Secrets Video #8: The Basics Of Recording Video Products Using Affordable Software And A Laptop
Did you know that video products have a higher perceived value that written products? In this video we'll show you how to create your own video products using both free and paid software so you can sell them as an up-sell in the second stage of your sales funnel.
If you don't like recording yourself or are a bit camera shy, don't worry you can still learn from these techniques and hire someone else to do this step for you - very cheaply!
By doing this you'll have your own unique product that you can use as an up-sell that no other marketer will have!
Sales Funnel Secrets Video #9: The Free Html Editor Software You Can Use To Create Squeeze Pages And Sales Pages
At some point during this setup, you'll need a HTML editor to put together your squeeze page, sales letter, thank you page and so on. There are so many HTML editors out there - which one do you choose?
Watch this video to know exactly what you should be downloading and installing on your PC without having to go through a handful of them yourself, testing them, uninstalling them, and slowing your PC down! This is a great time saver in itself!
Sales Funnel Secrets Video #10: A Couple Different Wordpress Themes You Can Use To Create Squeeze Pages And Sales Pages
Having your sales funnel hosted on a blog does have its benefits over HTML. For one, you'll get better search engine rankings and you'll be able to update it without the need for FTP software.
However, if you're creating multiple products or sales funnels you may want to consider doing it the HTML way simply because it's faster and more practical at times.
We will teach both ways in this course so you can decide what's right for you as you get into the full swing of things!!
Sales Funnel Secrets Video #11: The Free FTP Software You Can Use To Upload All Of Your Funnel Files In Bulk
FTP (file transfer protocol) and is simply a way for you to upload files from your PC to your server. An important piece of software yes, but not always necessary for example if you're using WordPress.
However, for your benefit we're going to show you were you can get free FTP software and how to use it to upload your files to your server. This gives you more control over your business and at some point should learn how to use it.
If you've been fearing FTP for too long, then make sure you watch this video!
Sales Funnel Secrets Video #12: Product Types That Sell Well As OTOs And Add-on Products
OTO stands for 'one time offer', also known as a 'special offer' and they are simply offers you can place in your sales funnel to make money as soon as someone subscribers to your list!
Watch this video and we'll reveal the real power behind your special offer, what you should be offering, how it should compliment your free gift, and how to make it relevant to the topic to ensure you achieve the highest conversions and make the maximum number of sales!
Sales Funnel Secrets Video #13: Secrets Of Pricing You Frontend And Backend Products And Services
Strategic pricing is essential to your online success. It's all too easy to get carried away and over-price your product especially when you've put so many hours and hard work into it.
On the flip side it's also very easy to grab reseller products and sell for a cheap price. You don't want to be on either extreme because it'll only hurt your conversions and you won't make any sales.
Watch this video to see how you should be pricing your products and what give us good results based on experience.
Sales Funnel Secrets Video #14: How Many Up-Sells You Should Have In Your Funnel To Maximize Profits Without Going Overboard
Just like pricing it's easy to get carried away with how many offers you should be providing. By not adding extra up-sells to your sales funnel sequence you're missing out on additional income.
At the same time, adding too many or irrelevant offers can aggravate your subscribers. Watch this video to balance your offers and get the most from your sales funnel!
Sales Funnel Secrets Video #15: How You Can Increase Customer Value On The Backend Separate From Your Initial Funnel
When we say 'back end', we refer to the sales that go on behind the scenes. These are the sales, the offers and mechanisms that are not so openly displayed at the start of the funnel.
Sometimes when you spy on a competitor you're only looking at the tip of the iceberg. Watch this video and we'll show you the money that lies beneath!
Sales Funnel Secrets Video #16: Understanding EPC And Customer Value So You Can Scale Up Your Business
EPC stands for 'Earnings Per Click' which is the amount of revenue on average for each click to your site, to your squeeze page, that opts in. This gives you a base figure to work with so you know how well your sales funnel is performing.
With this figure at hand you can then estimate how much you're willing to spend for 1 click on your ad for example. It also gives you great scope to see how much your customers are really worth and where else you can go to get traffic when you come to scale your business!
Sales Funnel Secrets Video #17: How To Monetize Your Download Page With Related Offers Like The Pros Do
Download pages are prime real estate for generating more sales! Did you know for example, just adding a banner to an affiliate offer can passively increase your sales without having to do any extra work?
Watch this video and we'll show you how we use ClickBank to find related products to promote on our download and thankyou pages! This tip alone will bring in a new stream of income for you!
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What Our Customers Say…
"So simple and effective! I wish I did this earlier!"
Thanks for letting me review your course! I thought this was going to be another lecture that wouldn't give me any practical advice - how I was wrong!
I couldn't believe how simple it was. Your diagrams made it easy for me to see what I'm doing and where I'm going wrong.
It was very easy so simple and effective. I wish I did this earlier! This course will pay itself back many times over - definitely a keeper!

Thanks again! Ryan E.
"One little change has lead to extra sales!"
I cannot thank you enough for letting me one of the first people to see this course!
I did not expect to learn anything new because I have some experience in this industry. However just out of curiousity I tried one of the techniques you mentioned in video 15 and I've seen new sales come in because of it!
This is definitely an eye-opener and would definitely recommend this course to anyone who's already selling their own products!

Thanks again! - Edward
"It's Like Following A Map"
Hi, would just like to drop you a note and say thanks for this course on sales funnels. I'm quite new to the scene and have only got a basic blog online. I have yet to put up my first proper website and system together. Your videos have given me the confidence to go ahead with it and has saved me a lot of time because now I know what to do. I would recommend this to anyone starting out like me because its like following a map.

Thanks ever so much! - Dorothy
You see, there are many people who spend exorbitant amounts of money trying master the skill of public speaking. Not to mention the countless hours of time wasted banging your head against the wall.

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In fact, the speaking engagement itself is NOT the goal. A speaking gig is just the tool you leverage on to reach the real prize. Speakers have used their speaking careers to clinch television deals, make appearances on news shows as "experts," book contracts, and even high-paying jobs.

So when you consider whether or not to pursue a speaking career, consider the new clients, contacts, and partners you'll meet once you start showing off your expertise in a very public way.
As with any new business venture, learning to become a good public speaker will require a bit of training and time. After all, if it were easy, there'd be no call for it, right?
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How to prepare – the critical steps I must take before every presentation to ensure I do my best
3 places to find support and training – because like every new venture, a little help is always welcome!

As well as covering the following important information:
Who hires speakers, and how to make contact with them.
Overcoming my fear: And the number one thing I have to remember about every event.
Presentation tips: Is it better to memorize or "wing it"?
Getting to know the room: How to quickly size up my space and equipment for a smoother presentation.
Getting a handle on my nerves: 5 ways to relax after I've taken the stage.
Speaking for free: When it makes sense, and when to say no.
Speaking fees: 5 tips for setting rates that work for me and for my audience.
Keeping interactive talks on target: How to smoothly turn a conversation back to the topic at hand!
Overcoming public faux pas: How to maintain my professionalism even in the face of a humiliating screw up!
Bonus 2:
100 Public Speaking Tips - value is $297
Bonus 3:
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4 signs coaching isn't for you - and how to overcome them and build a successful practice in spite of them!
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How to fill your coaching program with content without ever writing a word
How to easily tweak the work you're already doing and quickly develop a coaching program

You'll also quickly learn how to:
Offer great value without spending every minute with clients - and risking early burnout!
Determine the best delivery model for both you and your clients
Promote your coaching program for maximum success
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But you will, if you go now

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Speaking Profits Avalanche
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